Understanding Apache Maven – The Series

java, maven

This is a series of blogs about Apache Maven – a build management tool. This series is intended to be an introductory set of blogs to introduce, familiarize or brush up on maven.

The blogs in this series:

Part 1 – Apache Maven basics
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/05/23/understanding-apache-maven-part-1/

Part 2 – The Project Object Model (POM) and Effective POMs
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/05/24/understanding-apache-maven-part-2/

Part 3 – Dependency coordinates and POM hierarchies
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/05/26/understanding-apache-maven-part-3/

Part 4 – Maven Lifecycles, Phases, Plugins and Goals
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/05/29/understanding-apache-maven-part-4/

Part 5 – Dependencies in Maven
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/06/03/understanding-apache-maven-part-5/

Part 6 – Maven Project Object Model (POM) Reference
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/06/20/understanding-apache-maven-part-6/

Part 7 – Configuring Apache Maven
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/06/27/understanding-apache-maven-part-7/

Part 8 – Maven Plugins
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/07/04/understanding-apache-maven-part-8/

Part 9 – Versions in Maven
Bare Link: https://cguntur.me/2020/07/05/understanding-apache-maven-part-9/